Sunday, February 19, 2012

iPad 3 to be released on March 7

iPad 3 Coming In March?
According to AllthingsD, who is sighting a source close to Apple, we seem to get iPad 3 in March. The event will be held at the the traditional Apple Product Release venue, Yerba Buena Center for Arts, in San Francisco. The actual product will follow up in a few weeks after the introduction.

So if you are wondering what the new tablet, iPad 3 going to be; AllThingsD says;
"As for the next-generation iPad itself, sources say it will be pretty much what we’ve been led to expect by the innumerable reports leading up to its release: A device similar in form factor to the iPad 2, but running a much faster chip, sporting an improved graphics processing unit, and featuring a 2048×1536 Retina Display — or something close to it."

Beyond that we know that we might be getting a larger battery than the iPad 2 and we can be sure to get a better camera than the iPad 2. The recently revealed purported iPad 3 back cover suggests changes to internals, like the motherboard. Another change we could expect is the addition of 4G LTE, in AT&T and Verizon flavors, at least initially.
In anycase get ready for a bit thicker and perhaps a cheaper successor to the iPad 2.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to send free SMS in india all over the world 2011

Few days back we posted about some Android apps which can be used to send Free SMS to India directly from your mobile device. Continuing with the service of Free SMS to India, we will today discuss about SMSpoint. SMSpoint is a Pc to Phone SMS service, that is use website and send SMS directly to any mobile in India.

I know that there are so many other websites offering Free SMS to India Mobiles like 160by2, ways2sms etc, however SMSpoint is still worth trying : you will soon know why.

SMSpoint is very useful service for home or personal users : where you just want to send endless SMS to your friends. SMSpoint also offers commercial usage bulk sms service. Rates are also competitive for the commercial bulk sms pricing.

Coming back to personal usage : SMSpoint is a very clean, very easy to use SMS service. The website itself is free of any ADs. SMSpoint website interface makes it highly easy to use. The registration procedure is very simple : just enter details. You will be send verification emails and SMS on mobile.

After you have registered, you can straight away start sending SMS. The SMS reaches its destination within seconds. Now here is the best part : you can make groups and send sms to a group. You can send bulk sms. You can time your sms. You can make contacts. Also you can check your SMS history!

Personally, I liked the clean interface very much. It makes the service so much easy to use. You can even send Jokes, Greetings from the library.

It will be great if SMSpoint has/releases its Android and iPhone App, it will be very helpful for users.

How to make free calls via Rebtel voip 2011 and a contest in facebook to win free trip

This is the best thing which I like about Rebtel, it keeps bringing new deals for its users. Free 2 million minutes giveaway by Rebtel is still on, Rebtel 100% bonus promotion is still on, and they have launched another great offer.

Rebtel has launched a new contest on Facebook. If you can remember, sometime back Rebtel started the Rebtel Smartphone Giveaway, where it gave away a bunch of Android Smartphones and a lot of Rebtel credit. After its success, Rebtel has launched another good offer.

The Rebtel Reunite Photo Contest and the Grand Prize, which a total of three people can win, is an all-paid for round-trip tricket from wherever you are to wherever your loved ones are. If you win, we’ll fly you to see your brother, father, uncle, girlfriend or whoever it is that you usually use Rebtel to keep in touch with so you can see them in person.

As its always a pleasure to get in touch with your loved ones, meeting them in person always feels great however communication with them also helps. This is where Rebtel comes in picture. Rebtel offers cheap international calls and help you save a lot of money!

Coming back to the promotion, lets see how you can get started :
1. Go to and click on the Win a trip!-link to the left on the page.
2. Click ‘Enter Contest’, ‘Like’ the Rebtel Fan Page and enter your details.
3. Upload a quirky, funny or loving picture of yourself and that special someone in your life that you’re away from and miss the most.

10th August is the last date of photo submission and voting starts from 11th August and ends on 25th August. Ask your friends, colleague, relative, parents, cousin brothers to vote for you. Three photos that got the most votes will win a free trip ticket to meet their loved ones. 4 to 17 rank photos get free $100 credit by Rebtel.

Its time to join the contest, best of luck!

Hold on if you are planning to Join rebtel, then do make use of the Rebtel 100% bonus promotion. Visit this exclusive Rebtel page and sign up with 10$ credit, you will get total of 20$ credit (10$ bonus credit).
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